What Was Santa Doing on Ivy’s Roof in the Middle of the Night?

It’s a few days before Christmas and Ivy and her new husband Amos are awakened by noises on their rooftop. Amos’s joke that Santa Claus must have arrived early quickly loses its humor when a man dressed as Santa goes flying past their second-story window and lands head first into the snow. He’s carrying a sack in which they find a Cabbage Patch Doll with a note addressed to “Ho Ho”. Who is “Ho Ho”, and why was Santa on their roof in the middle of the night?


This is a sweet, hopeful, uplifting story, ideal for Christmas season reading—except for the murder, of course. Christmastime has come to Winter Break, complete with snow, sleet, holiday lights, and church activities. The newlyweds have been married ten months and Ivy is dreaming, wishing, and praying about having a baby to complete their happiness. Ivy’s Christmas preparations are complicated when a man dressed as Santa Claus falls off the roof and dies in a snowdrift on their front lawn. The truth unfolds slowly, and the clues revealed along the way are diabolically sneaky. Nancy Mehl sure knows how to weave a fine tale of intrigue to leave her readers guessing until the end! The final solution took me by complete surprise. Laurel Johnson, “Midwest Book Review.”