Hilde Higgins — One of the Best Hairstylists in Kansas — Can Recognize a Head of Hair… Even When Her Client is Dead!

Watch the tangled mess that Hilde gets herself into when she realizes that Mabel Winnemaker, her latest client at Druther’s Funeral Home, has gone missing. Hilde knows that the body she is asked to work on at the funeral home is not the same person as in her reference photo. Unhappily for Hilde, everyone else doubts that Mabel is missing.

The situation heats up hotter than Hilde’s curling iron — and forces her to answer some tough questions: Is she being silenced when the funeral director accuses her of stealing a diamond ring? Will Hilde Higgins’s former boyfriend help her unravel the issue — or only bring more trouble to her life? And most important of all, what happened to the real Mabel… and why?


“Hilde Higgins is an adorable eccentric, with maroon-and-black hair, a punkish wardrobe and a weird weakness for SPAM casseroles. Like all good mysteries, the solution to the body-switching proves us with a fine Ah, Ha! moment, but it’s Hilde’s goofily-good character that kept me grinning as I turned the pages.” — Betty Webb, “Mystery Scene.”

“Hilde is a quirky, funny character — and easy to love. While trying to solve the mystery of Mabel, she copes with real-life issues. Making new friends, dealing with a mom who isn’t happy with her career choice, and learning to fall in love. I recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a fun, easy read with Christian characters and a good mystery to solve.” — Heidi Walfoort, “Christian Book Nerd.”