Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but when the wedding planner is murdered, and the bride is a suspect, then stress reaches boiling point.

Ivy Towers is finally getting married! But before she can walk down the aisle she has to plan the wedding of her dreams. Doing that isn’t as easy as she dreams, especially since she is trying to run a rare bookstore, and help the town get a jump-start on a new library.

When new resident Delaphine Shackleford steps in and offers to be Ivy’s wedding planner. Seeing this as the answer to her prayers, Ivy accepts. But Delaphine’s ideas are so off the wall wacky that Ivy doesn’t know quite what to do.

Hiring Delaphine not only drives Ivy to the brink of madness, but it also plunges her into the middle of a bizarre murder mystery.

Book 3 of the Ivy Towers series continues the saga with panache. Ivy Towers is a delightful, realistic character who has become my friend; Winter Break is so typically small town Kansas that I smile every time I read about its quirks and follies; the citizens of Winter Break are so appealing, with all their foibles and eccentricities, that I want to meet them; and… I desperately long to eat one of Ruby's Redbird Burgers. Nancy Mehl has done an exceptional job of bringing Ivy, Amos, Winter Break, and its citizens to vibrant life in this series. — Laurel Johnson, “Midwest Book Review”

I enjoyed the faith message in this book. It spoke truths that I really needed to hear as I read the book. I appreciate how God sometimes uses fiction to convey to the reader what He wants them to hear. I thoroughly enjoyed “For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls” and the entire series. Don’t miss this cozy mysteries trio or this talented author. A recipe is included at the end. – Laura Hilton, “The Suspense Zone”