Ivy searches for gold, but finds something more precious.

Ivy Towers is working hard to get Miss Bitty’s Bygone Bookstore on its feet in Winter Break, Kansas, when she discovers a map hidden inside an old music box. Could the map lead her to the “Lost Gambler’s Gold?” The legend of the ill-fated 1860s gambler had circulated among residents for as long as Ivy can remember. But when Ivy follows the directions to where X marks the spot, what she digs up uncovers a mystery that leads to more than she ever imagined. Lives will be changed, old secrets revealed, and Ivy will learn that lost treasure can sometimes turn out to be much more valuable than a chest full of gold.

“Bye Bye Bertie” is the second book in the Ivy Towers Mysteries, but it easily stands alone. Ivy has a penchant for getting into trouble without realizing it, so it was fun to go along with her on another mystery in this close community and to get to know Ivy and Amos a little bit more. — Laurel Johnson, “Midwest Book Review”

The connected storylines in “Bye Bye Bertie” are tied together nicely with characters who are truly benevolent to one another. All three mysteries lead readers to love, forgiveness, unconditional friendship, family, and romance. You’ll want to curl up on an overstuffed chair in front of the fireplace at Miss Bitty's Bygone Bookstore and spend the winter. — Laura Hilton, “The Suspense Zone.”