An Ice Storm Can Be an Unwelcome Guest at a Wedding. But So is a Dead Pastor With a Knife Sticking Out of His Back!

Hilde Higgins has planned her wedding to the last detail. The date is set, the church has been reserved, the guests have been invited, and the caterers are standing by.

The one thing Hilde can’t control is the weather. As the wedding party gathers for a rehearsal dinner at the boarding house where Hilde has lived for the past several years, a catastrophic storm coats the town of Eden, Kansas, in several inches of ice.

The power is out and the partygoers are stranded without a way to reach the outside world. Their situation becomes even more perilous when Reverend Barney Whittle, a stand-in for Hilde’s pastor who was unable to attend the dinner, is found outside, covered in ice, stiff, and thoroughly dead.

His death might have been seen as an unfortunate accident–except for the knife found sticking out of his back.